We are a small family run business here in Weatherford,TX.  My lovely wife and I are very blessed to live in a wonderful community. I am a wounded veteran of the OIF war in Iraq. I served in the United States Army with the 25th Infantry Division for 2 years  I was wounded at the very end of our deployment on sept.11 2007 from an I.E.D.  Most of my injuries are noticeable, but some are not. However, I do not choose to let it slow me down. Believe it or not I hardly ever slow down. I was very blessed after my injury by an awesome organization known as (Homes for our Troops) that made it possible in the fall of 2009 for me to call Weatherford home and for that I thank all the people and business's that were apart of it to make that possible. 

  After being in the hospital and bound to a wheelchair for almost 3 years bc of complications of being fitted comfortably for prosthetics i decided it was time to retire out of the military and search for being fitted with prosthetics outside the military and va system.  I was in contact with Hanger prosthetics in Oklahoma City, and went to see what they could do and that was the best decision ever, they fitted me once and i have been walking full time since aug. 2010 wheelchair free.

    After being fitted and being able to walk again it was time for me to start doing something, so I attended welding school at Hill College and received my technology of welding certificates. I was then very Blessed again and met the love of my life, Jennifer Wolf. She pretty much keeps me going in the right direction in life, If it wasn't for meeting her i'm not sure what path i would be on as we speak.  She is from Lipan,Tx.  just a few miles from Weatherford.  She has also accomplished some huge goals in her life as well, and was attending Tarleton College in Stephenville when we first started talking! She graduated from Tarleton in 2012. She actually owned her own cake bakery doing Wedding, Birthday and fun Party cakes which from time to time she still loves to do,  but she has also found her passion in life, and that would be Real Estate. I am proud of the success she has made, and its only been her first year. She was truly meant for it and she loves it.  We also have a small family that we both are very proud of and trying to continue to grow.

 My wife and I started Wolfpack Services back in 2014  after I rented a skid steer to do multiple jobs on our property, we have a beautiful 18 acres and after operating one that was fully joystick and needed no feet i knew that was what God intended for me to do. I enjoy doing what i do when i'm running a skid steer and just makes me feel great when i can put the talents that god gave me towards helping others in that process! I don't look at this as a job bc I love it when i can make a difference in someones life for the better. We have been in business for 3 years now and have acquired many of our own Attachments and Equipment which i will list and show on here. We are very proud of how far we have gone and all the wonderful people we have met and call our friends and consider family now. We pride ourselves in everything we do and strive to keep a great relationship with our customers. We are very patriotic and love our great country. We also Believe when you Give you will Receive and when possible love donating our services to great causes like (Servolution Network thru The Church at Azle) ,  (Homes for our troops puts on a skeet shoot every year here in texas to raise money for wounded veteran's like myself and purchase land and build them a mortgage free home) , (Parker County Cowboy Church also puts on a skeet shoot every year that we have sponsored to raise money for their youth group). We have also donated funds to other wonderful organizations like (American Fallen Soldier Project)  this is a great one to also get involved with (R.I.P. Garrett Ian McLead NEVER FORGOTTEN) 

  We are also proud to be Members of Greenwood Baptist Church because every1matters and when you put your faith in the Lord anything is possible!

 We look forward to hearing from you on your next job. We thank you, have a wonderful day and may God Bless you!

Jennifer Wolf - owner

Brett Wolf- project manager

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